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Spectre Latvia is one of the most sophisticated and advanced sewing companies in Latvia.

Specializing in the production of functional clothing for well-known and internationally recognized outdoor brands.


Spectre Latvia offers a wide range of in-house competences, starting from designing and development of a garment up to the bulk production and delivery to customer – Style development, Product development, Purchasing and logistics, Sample-making, Quality management, Production process, Logistics.

As a part of Spectre group, the company have the privilege to offer the customers full range of services. Thanks to the group’s resources Spectre Latvia can provide sourcing, dedicated customer service, by planning the timeline of new collections together with the customer.


Spectre Latvia is capable of satisfying the most extraordinary needs of customers by offering innovative and functional solutions. During the style development process, the company examines the requirements of customers and consults them as regards the best solution.

Style development includes the help of a Sales assistant in close cooperation with the customer, patterns’ development (design engineering and grading) according to the customer’s technical specifications and sketches, and price calculation (for the raw materials and sewing).


Job of the product development team includes implementation of the ideas born during the style development process, by developing and creating technologically and functionally challenging products. In order to implement Spectre Latvia ambitions and customers needs, by using non-standard solutions and innovative materials, various tests are carried out. The result can be seen both in customers’ products and in Spectre collection, and in the diversity of production equipment and its accessories.


In close cooperation with Spectre group, according to the customers’ requirements, we are performing procurements, planning volumes and material deliveries in order to commence manufacturing.

The company provides full service of logistics to the customers: supply and storage of materials, quality-control inspection of input materials (Fabric inspection machinery), internal and external customer service, receipt and dispatch of shipments.


Within the process of sample-making, model prototypes and their technological descriptions are formed, by recording all comments from customers and improving the prototype.

Based on the technological opportunities offered by company's professionals, by analyzing details and technical properties of fabrics and materials, and considering the limitations and needs of customers, Spectre Latvia can offer the most effective solutions both for customers and mass manufacture. The company is proud that it is capable of offering samples that correspond to the highest quality requirements appreciated by our customers.


Company's customers are offered a wide range of produce, beginning with sewn products and ending with glued and seamless products which correspond to the highest quality requirements.

Manufacturing takes place at two modern factories equipped with up-to-date machinery: spreading and automatic cutting machinery, special technology equipment (ultrasonic technologies, laser cutting, taping etc.), embroidery, heat pressing, automatic template quilting and sewing equipment, thus offering innovative solutions in the garment production in line with the respective market segment.


Spectre Latvia pays great attention to quality, providing compliance of products with customer’s requirements and standards. The quality monitoring is carried out in all the manufacturing phases: starting from the inspection of the raw material (fabric and trims), pattern check and adjustment, and testing the sample prototype according to the customer’s requirements, cutting control (markers, fabric spreading, cutting, assembling) sewing control (an inspection during and after the sewing flow) and ending with the inspection of the ready-made produce.


Spectre Latvia’s products are characterized by the use of innovative technologies which can be observed in laminated pockets, zippers, gaskets and laminated reinforced patches, high-frequency welded motifs, heat transferring printing, auto-sewing, ultrasonic and laser cutting. The company have a large range of special machinery allowing to create many different seam types, such as flat-seams for a decorative look and a high degree of wearing comfort.

In Spectre Latvia products, you can find a wide variety of garments for the outdoor sports industry, such as base-layer tops and bottoms, fleece jackets and other fleece tops, quilted garments, soft-shell jackets, wind-stopper jackets and trousers, water resistant garments and many other combinations of these and other materials.

The target segments are trekking, hiking, climbing, alpine skiing, mountain biking, road biking, running, golfing and sports fishing. In each of these segments the product is suited to the necessary functions: thermal/thermoregulation, moisture-wicking, breathable, wind-proof, water-proof, etc.

Products are positioned in the medium and upper level of the market.


An innovative approach in the creation of technologies and products, process management and solution of issues is the base for company’s development, to be able to become one of the most promising companies in the market. This is Spectre Latvua commitment; therefore, they invest resources in equipment and personnel training each year in cooperation with Spectre group. Besides working with the leading machine-building suppliers around the world, Spectre group develops and builds its own machinery to offer technologies, individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

To meet Spectre Latvia implementing ideas and the most ambitious customers’ needs, within the product development and production process, company uses the modern technologies and equipment of clothing industry, such as:

  • Ultrasonic cutting – welding (zippers, wind-flaps, bonds, elastic etc.),
  • Ultrasonic garment panels joining with Rotosonic technology,
  • Ultrasonic die cutting (pocket opening, decorative elements, etc.),
  • Ultrasonic patch pocket cutting,
  • Ultrasonic quilting technology,
  • Hot melt binding (y-folded, v-folded),
  • Hot melt glue/tape lay down,
  • Bonding continuous hem,
  • Bonding for small applications,
  • Patch pocket bonding, pocket zipper bonding, front zipper bonding,
  • Continuous fusing,
  • Automatic template quilting,
  • Seam taping,
  • Embossing, debossing,
  • Transfer applying,
  • Flatlock stitching, decorative stitching, embroidery,
  • Laser cutting,
  • Automatic cutting by Gerber technologies,
  • etc.

Thanks to the new and improved machinery and continuous development of technologies and personnel, Spectre Latvia are creating functional articles which cannot be produced using the standard industry equipment. Spectre Latvia loves to be challenged!


Quality is one of the fundamental values of Spectre. In order to be able to offer products of the highest quality and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, a special Spectre Quality Audit Inspection system has been created, based on the international quality standards, their principles and requirements.

Spectre Quality Audit Inspection system ensures quality in all the production phases. The company’s philosophy is based on continuous improvements, and the engagement of each employee is crucial in this process, thus every employee of the company is responsible for quality work in the respective manufacturing part. Only together company can ensure that our produce conforms to the highest quality requirements and promote our customers’ satisfaction.


Spectre Latvia respects and appreciates their external and internal customers. Company’s existence depends on its customers, so Spectre Latvia studies customers’ requirements and pursue them without hesitation.

The company grows together: Spectre Latvia develops and produces new products, improve technologies and processes and provide high level of customer service. Customers of Spectre Latvia can rely on timely deliveries ensured by strict internal discipline.